AMMO Olive Drab Modulation Set
AMMO Olive Drab Modulation Set
  • Reference: AK11643
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AMMO Olive Drab Modulation Set

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      • Set of 4 acrylics to create modulation and light effects on any Olive Drab colored vehicle quickly and easily.
      • This simplified set includes the colors really necessary for this technique, saving on complexity and unnecessary drops. With these 4 colors the modeller will be able to apply this advanced technique without the need for complicated mixtures and always having the colors used in any step of the process.
      • This paint has an optimized formula for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush. 4 colors in 17mL containers. Shake well before each use.
      • Each can includes a steel stirrer to facilitate mixing of the paint. Soluble in water, odorless and non-toxic. AMIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner is recommended for proper dissolution.
      • The set includes:
        • AMIG-925 Olive Drab Dark Base
        • AMIG-926 Olive Drab Base
        • AMIG-927 Olive Drab Light Base
        • AMIG-928 Olive Drab High Light