AMMO Asphalt Ground (250ml)
AMMO Asphalt Ground (250ml)
AMMO Asphalt Ground (250ml)
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AMMO Asphalt Ground (250ml)

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    • Asphalt texture created with a unique and different formula that provides extreme realism.
    • 250 ml bottle.
    • The product is acrylic based, which makes it comfortable, and it is ready to use; can be applied on small and medium size vignettes.
    • It is ideal for creating volumes in our pieces, and can be mixed with other materials, such as pigments, and thus create surprising effects.
    • The texture is suitable for any scale from 1/16 to 1/72. If the result is too grainy, just let it dry and sand until you get the desired texture.
    • The product is odorless and non-toxic and is diluted and cleaned with water.
    • Let dry for at least 24 hours.